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Basic HELP
  Download HELP for offline use (169 kb)
Download LIVEDEMOS for offline use (11.2 mb)


Getting started
Explains how to Get Started -> how to install the components with MM Extension Manager and how to show the list of available effect components in the MM Flash authoring environment

Shows an overview of Frequently Asked Questions
  PJ / S4 with Pixelfonts

Available custom-modified models (and/or its methods)
Adding simple bevel to effect letters
Loading variables from .txt file for text-to-be-used in effects
Using a .php template for site-wide tree-deep independent usage
Automatic triggering of effects in sequence
Using pixel fonts
Flash 8 - Filters

  Most common FAQ questions
Some characters I use in the text don't show up, why? (see also livedemo)
Multiline text - I'm trying to type an [Enter] in the text for a new line but it does not work. What now?
How do I change the font?

LIVE DEMOS (download all)

Adding special characters (ôÇãéÌ etc) *


Basic font change *


Multiple instances of one effect with different fonts / adding a font type *

  adding a simple bevel *
  Loading text from variable in a .txt file

How the [ Override ] - Tab works * ( [DONE] now called [UPDATE] )

  Mimicing Pixel Font * (Flash MX 2004 or Flash 8)

Make the Component Panel float (V1 demo)


Deselect "Show Description", then the effects will only show icons in Component Panel (V1 demo)

  Putting effects in sequence in timeline (V1 demo)
  * (repeat-steps possibly needed, check here)