Automatic triggering of effects in sequence

In some cases you might want to be able to place a number of effects after each other. At the moment that one effect ends, you'll want the next one to start. In that case you might not want to keep inserting and removing keyframes on a long timeline every time you change a text. The general way to do this is:
- Create a blank MC
- Create a layer for every effect you want in sequence.
- Place effect 1 of sequence in keyframe 1 of its layer
- Place effect 2 of sequence in keyframe 2 (create one) of its layer
- Place effect 3 of sequence in keyframe 3 (create one) of its layer and so on
- Create an action layer and place a stop() action in first frame

- In all effects, in MC "effect";
In keyframe 1 verify if it contains action line

obj = getProperty("", _name);

If not, place it to this frame.
In keyframe "fadeout" add this to start of script

if (once) {
} else {
once = true;
if (obj == _parent.ll) {

And add to the if statement checking for i >= fadeouttime

once = false;

An example demo .fla file is available to registered users through "Request" on contact page. Include order number, name, email and the example demo .fla