1) Installing the components


Open Macromedia Extension Manager (Download here if you don't have it). Select the Flash version for which you want to install the components from the programs pulldown list, either Flash MX , Flash MX 2004 ( / Flash MX Professional 2004 ) or Flash 8 . Then select "File" - "Install Extension". Browse to the folder containing the PJ or Supreme4 .mxp file and select it to install. Go through the steps of installing by confirming.
If they do not appear when (re)starting Flash, check this FAQ questions.

1b) Updating from Version 1 to Version 2


- You can replace the existing Version 1 when asked for by EM (Extension Manager).
- If you have PJ or Supreme4 components active in multiple Flash versions in EM, you might need to deactivate them in the other Flash versions and then reinstall.
- If any problem arise, make sure you have the latest version of EM. After that deactivate ALL PJ and Supreme4 components in EM, then delete them in EM and start with a fresh installation of Version2.

2) How to start


Basically, after you installed the effect collection with Macromedia Extension Manager what you do is open Macromedia Flash and open the Components panel [Window menu ( / 2004 / development panels) ]. Select the PJ or Supreme4 collection in the Components panel. If it's not folded out, select + next to the component to show the list of effects. Next, from the effect list, drag one of the effects on stage and set the text in the Component Inspector/Parameters panel [Window menu ( / 2004 / development panels) ]