Adding a simple bevel to effect letters
live demo
  • Open "letter" movieclip (and if existing repeat steps for "letter2").
  • Copy letter instance into new layer (create one) below layer 'lettervalue' move it e.g. 0.5 pixels down and right.
  • Copy letter another time into a new layer (create another) and make layer lowest level.
  • Select that letter instance, make it black, and move it e.g. 0.5 pixels up and left.
  • Modify instance names to "lettervaluewhite" and "lettervalueblack".
  • Open actionscript in layer 'actions', on end of script in frame one copy-paste the two lines starting with lettervalue twice and adjust lettervalue to lettervaluewhite and lettervaluewhite in the pasted lines.

    NOTICE: effect could slow down when using much alpha transparency changes.
    IMPORTANT: * (repeat-steps possibly needed, check here)

An example demo .fla file is available to registered users through "Request" on contact page. Include order number, name, email and the example demo .fla