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How do I add actions to buttons in AS3
See this forum topic on how to do a simple action to one button
See this forum topic on multiple buttons

I only get a flickering shape or only error output when testing, what's happening?
First things to check always;
- are you using a AS3 component, check in Publish settings if your .fla is set to export AS3 (and not AS2)
- are you using a AS3 component, check if the original .fla when unzipped has a /classes/ folder. If it does, that contains all the nessesary AS codes for the component to work, copy that folder to your own .fla disk folder.

I want to convert my flash to video, what do you reckomend I do?
On Google you can find a large number of SWF to AVI video converters. In many cases most will do fine. But if you need some extra power and specialization you may want to check these two software;

Flashants SWF-to-video Pro

Moyea swf to video pro

Both have
1: alpha transparency export for post-editing in video software
2: single playback for capture, which is important because many flash movies (like the text effect components) use Random() in scripting which means it will never play back twice exactly the same. If you have a software which uses a double playback to capture then it may not give a good result

Can I order multiple items at once (shopping cart)?
Yes, you can using shareit. You can add products in the shareit cart-page link using method &PRODUCT[X]=1 where X is the product number.

For example if you want to add the the product "Astro Components AS3" (product id 300259804), you would use link;

If you want to add product "Pixel Block Text Pro AS3" (product id 300357637) to the same cart page you'd use link;

And you can repeat adding as much products to the link/cart as you want