10 reasons why components are better

There are many different text effect solutions available on the web. For those of you who are new to Flash or those who need to be convinced, below the top 10 of reasons to get the components. If you're still not sure what to choose, it's always best to download and test trial versions of the solutions you consider (components trial found in top/bottom menu). Try them out!! Make sure you know what you'll be getting so you won't run into unpleasant surprises later.

  1. Components are .fla internal
    Many text effect solutions are standalone software and create .swf files. You can use these as elements in html pages easily. But if you want to implement them into your .fla projects it gets tricky. You either import them which in many cases won't work properly because they're scripted, or you use LoadMovie actionscript which requires you build preloaders and makes updating or changing a text effect tiresome.
    The components are .fla internal, you drag&drop them to stage or keyframe and you can customize them in the Component Inspector / Parameter Panel. You can even edit their source code in the Library.

  2. They offer multi-font and multi-color per text
    The components are the ONLY solution where you can use one text effect and use different font types and font colors on different letters. You can for example create a text visual like this;
    Multi Font and Color

  3. Dynamic text input from database
    The components have easy way to use dynamic text. You can simply activate a dynamic input checkbox and then you can type the location of some variable instead of the actual text. In common cases you read in variables from .txt or .php file and have the text effect use those, that way you can easily update texts in database without having to edit the flash movie ever again. For advanced users who need a series of text effects run in sequence, we have advanced models using XML templates and external .as class files and run completely automated with updatable xml data.

  4. Instant quick Preview
    The components have a preview internally in the
    Component Inspector / Parameter Panel. Imagine if you have placed the text effect at frame 1000 and make a small change to the text effect and want to see the result. Instead of Test-Movie, playing the complete timeline which takes forever, you can check the preview window to see what it will look like.

  5. Allows Flash 8+ Filters
    From flash 8 and up, you can use a number of standard Flash 8 - Filters, including drop-shadow and bevel and outline options.

  6. Pixelfont Support
    Aside from the fact that you can edit effect source codes and you can optimize effects to use crystal clear fonts known as pixelfonts (fonts without blurry anti-aliased edges), there's even a specifically optimized selection of pixelfont components available. Great for clean typographic design.

  7. Editable source code
    As mentioned above, components are Library items and therefore they are editable. This means you can edit their actionscripting. There are a number of popular custom-modified models which can greatly save a big amount of manual work. Over the years we've helped hundreds of people doing minor and more complex custom changes to effect sources and templates so that they fit their specific needs. You can also edit support clips like flares, bees, balloons, twirls etc to your liking.

  8. Effects are scripted
    Unlike a lot of other text effect solutions, where the result is a series of keyframes, the components text effects is a result of scripting. This means they're much smaller in final kb size.

  9. 1000+ effect variations
    Far, far, faaaaaaaar, more then any other text effect solution, the components offer over a thousand text effect variations (between 1200 / 1300). All
    original variations and not almost-clones variations like a for example swish and txEff.

  10. Custom modifications support and Help
    Support/Help inquires will be handled day or night and even during the weekends. In many cases we have jumped in to help on sundays or right before a customer reaches his/her deadline. Since version 1.0 the Components have gained a very large number of improvements. Most of those improvements have origin in or were influenced by a customer request to do a specific custom modification or create a specific feature for them.

    For those just starting we have a large online HELP section with many LIVEDEMOS with voiceover explaining how things work, you can simply sit back and watch and listen

Of course you'll also get the standard promises which all softwares offer, free support and updates and help documentation and livedemo tutorials, easy-to-use and userfriendly etc... that speaks for itself.

Patrick Jansen text effects have always been innovative and ahead of the competition, basically introducing the non-letter-only effects to the world. Starting with the use of simple shapes like flares and glows and simple vector shapes back in 2001 with the first releases of PJ and Supreme4 collections up to complex animations like letter-juggling clowns and letter-shooting aliens with the release of Elite collection. Always trying to be frontrunner and keeping our ears open to what customers have to say and listen to what they wish for. If there was a way to measure visual quality, that would definately be a guarantee on point one in the list, the components have always been considered the top designers choice!

If you still need to be convinced, go do some reading in the long list of TESTIMONIALS