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User Feedback and Testimonials

latest testimonials

"Awesome! What a work of art! Really impressive. You deserve the Flash Award of the decade. Nice work. I’ve been building sites and dabbling in web graphics for 14 years, and I have never seen anything, aside from very expensive high end commercial packages, that match the detail, usefulness, and use friendliness your packages offer."
Douglas Greenberg

"I want to thank you for your time and patience. You have gone over and above to accommodate my limited flash experience in order to get want I want working to work. You took the time to work through issues with me that most developers would not. I highly recommend your product and your service to anyone looking for quality effects and especially great support service."
Ric Gatehous

"Thanks for the speedy reply, I was expecting to hear back maybe in a week! That's good service. I'll definitely pass the word along about this product to my friends who also aspire to be Flash designers.  So far I have been very impressed with this and it sure takes the load off of trying to conjure up creative ways to animate text :) Tip of the hat to you sir!"
Todd Beasley

"Many thanks for your prompt reply, and a great plugin !"
Sarah How

"You know, everything I've read about you is true.  I'm going to have to add my 2 cents worth in accolades on the various flash extension web sites for your products. You have gone so far above and beyond it's amazing. I can't thank you enough. "
Bruce Ackerson

"The company I work for just purchased the PJ text effect collection. It took me a while to figure it out; but once I did, I was blown away"
Davin Bergstrom

"Wow, thanks for the quick response - and with two working examples!  You must be the fastest text effects man on the planet :->"
Scott Clough

"Thanks for your quick response. Looks good I want to build a user managed series of messages with some eyecatcher quality...with a php-mysql driven backend. Write the text files from the db in php, load them as instances and apply the effect. This looks like it will do the trick. I will be in touch once I have the development deposit (LOL) "
Richard Gatehouse

"I want to thank you for your wonderful components. They are really great!"
Michaela Hesse

"Nochmals vielen Dank für Deinen großzügigen Rabatt und für den Downloadlink auf Deiner Website! Es scheint so, als wenn nun alle ihre Komponente haben und zufrieden sind! Nochmals vielen Dank, auch für Deine Hilfe und Deine netten Mail! Ganz liebe Grüße"
Christina Schoeneich

"I must say I like your effects and the customizations of them so kudos on it. Thanks for your help and your personal attention."
Gil Gani

"I purchased the PJ components and they worked wonderfully! Thanks. I'll be purchasing some of your other sets soon."
Jeff Johnson

(effect custom modification) "I can’t believe you did this so fast!  It’s close. ....  I am so impressed with what you have done.  Please let me know what I owe you because you are truly saving me here! "
Lana Swanson

"Not only a good product, but good support! a rare combination. Many thanks it works fine. So much so I've now been instructed to animate the logo and music score, guess what I'll be using. Thanks again"
Allan Pemberton

"Your service is the best I've ever seen. And your product is the best, too!!!"
Gerwin Enders

"Keep me posted when new  products come out your work is fantastic"
Fan Yang

" Thank U Thank U Thank U for the S4 Collection pack which i bought from here last night... kept me up til dawn stretching my brain!  Amazing.  I knew it would be good, but it is astounding - i'm an instant flash-god! well - on the way.  Anyway - your work is beautiful and inspiring, extremely solid and user-friendly, and an integral part of my Flash future"
miss Loren Warn 

"Not only are the flash components among the most robust and polished effects available, they are extremely reasonable in price. I have used these components and found the experience very positive. The support provided to paid customers is beyond anything I've ever experienced from any software vendor. Thank you for a great product and even greater support."
Thomas Montague, Multimedia Director - MPA Media

"I love the tools you have developed, they make my life SO much easier and make me look like a genius to my customers."
Robby LaFarge 

"I'm completely amazed by your program and your quick response"
Jay Ferranti

"I really admire your products...they are great!"
Eugenio Callejas

"Let me first let me say that I LOVE your components. Hats off to you"
Ranena Beck

"Keep up the tireless creativity!"
Mark Stumme

Client testimonials ASTRO Components

"Wow oh Wow oh Wow!! You surely made my day and what effects I have been able to view so far are blowing me away! This is truly a work of art you have created and I am so proud for you!!"
Cindi Stapleton

"Really enjoy using your components on our intranet, Patrick. Bought them in June 2004, when first available as a plugin. Colleagues think I'm a genius"
Chuck - C Needy

Client testimonials Version 2 (PJ/S4)

"I just wanted to say thanks very much for the excellent product ! Your components and service are top notch and I will recommend them to all flash developers."
Geoff McMahen, Blackroom Graphix (USA)

"Some of these are just beautiful"

"Awesome! I basically was trying all the new ones (Ihave the other ones basically memorized) and they are great"

"You should approach Macromedia to make your work a part of flash"

"I just had to tell you how blown away by version 2 I was"

"LOVE THEM! Love the organic feeling of some of them, the trailing looping is flat out beautiful"

"You've done a great job"

Client testimonials Version 1 (PJ/S4)

"I've been waiting a long time for this! For me, these components have filled a void in Flash when it comes to text effects. The ability to use and customize the effects right within the Flash authoring environment is key for streamlining my workflow. Thanks PJ!"
Justin Dean Smith (USA)

"Great job! I've been looking for something that allowed me to quickly do text effects in the Flash authoring environment for some time now. Your components have really been a God send!"
Carvel Avis (USA)

"This is great component and should be some thing macromedia should think about adding to their default components"
Ali Syed (UK)

"This is by far the best, most practical component addition to Flash MX 2004 Pro I have installed, and I have about fifty different components! The biggest hassle with the Wildform animation process was the placement in a .fla file, and now it is as easy as drag 'n drop. Thanks a million. If you have any upgrades or new components in the future, please be sure to let me know."
Dean Pickering (USA)

"I can't say enough good things about this little extension"
Mark Fischer (USA)

"The controls in the Component Inspector are very intuitive and your online help is very thorough. I downloaded them 10 minutes ago and have already sent off two examples to a client. Thanks for making such a great product."
Jax Carroll (USA)

"I wished I knew about your component before another one I bought. I bought one that works stand alone but does not integrate with Flash at all"
Christopher Lynn (USA)

"I have recently purchased a copy of your "powerpack flash text components" and would like to let you know how very impressed and satisfied I am! I think the components offer fantastic value for money and will be invaluable to any serious flash developer. I will be ordering from you again in the future and look forward to any new products you may have coming out in the future."
Jason Pickford (UK)

"I simply can't believe how fantastic your FX are. Your product is the best on the market"
Jim Wightman (USA)

"The best I have seen,and believe me, I have all text effects I could find"
Flavia Liberatore (Italy)

"I love the component! I love the level of detail that is tweakable. It's very versatile."
Carl Peterson (USA)

"You did a very good job! I'm really impressed by your new Flash plugin. Thanx for your helpfull plugin"
Christian Gallei (Austria)

"I love your product and the effects you have created."
Greg Zabilski (USA)

"Your effects are lovely and I have had great fun playing with them"
Deborah Mullins (France)

"We really love your effects!"
Brad Rhones (USA)

"It's been fun using this text component. It's saved me a lot of time by not having to do all of the text affects manually"
Steve Elliot (USA)

"I like it a lot, congratulations with this inovation, it really facilitates our work".
Arnaldo Felix (Brazil)

"Your text effects are great!"
Russel Dunham (USA)

"It is a very good product and I am happy with it"
Charles Reed (USA)

"Your components are a huge timesaver"
Jeff Murphy (USA)

"I love the components they are quite awesome"
Indrajit Chowdhury (USA)

"I love the plugin!"
Jonathan Foster (USA)

"Love your product!"
Don Mitchell (USA)

"Keep up the good work!!!!!!"
Roberto Munoz (USA)

"Nice component package!"
Nan Toskey (USA)

"I’m using your PJ component software, it is great!"
Gonzalo Mendiola (USA)

"The effects have been a life saver, much easier than working this stuff out yourself"
Lesley Scoble (UK)

"Fonts For Flash are dropping a gold min of an opportunity. They would get so many people purchasing their fonts if they showed them working with your effects"
Syed Ali (UK)

Worried about support?

"I'm telling you what - your customer service rocks!! Thanks a lot!"
John Bruszewski (USA)

"Your help is amazing.. I'm so glad that you were so responsive. Being the weekend, it's nice that you're around."

"I am very impressed with your fast customer support"
Jeremy Moff (USA)

"Have to say that your response has been the most impressive bit of customer support I have seen in ages"
Lesley Scoble (UK)

"Whenever I have to spend money, nothing is better than to find someone who knows how to treat customers. It gives me the right mode to buy “more” !"
Flavia Liberatore (Italy)