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new ELITE plugin for ASTRO Flash Creator new

The Elite plugin for AFC is a collection of over 80 text effects which you can add to ASTRO Flash Creator, boosting up the available text effects in ASTRO Flash Creator. Current version is 1.0


Elite plugin for AFC
The Elite plugin for AFC is available for the price of US$ 9.95. The unregistered plugin exports with a nag-text, after registering this will not be added. Select Shareit below to purchase a registration code (License Key / Serial Number).
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Alternative Payment Options

When purchasing through Regsoft, you will automatically receive a registration code. You can also purchase with the following options for the individual Elite plugin for AFC, but purchases will be processed manually and can take a little longer. You can buy the Elite plugin for AFC through;

  • Buy with Paypal


Download the Elite plugin for AFC - File name : "Elite.pgg" (229 kb)


For .pgg plugin extensions, either

  • In ASTRO Flash Creator go to menu View - Install New Plugin, or
  • Doubleclick the .pgg file on your harddrive.

If you want to register a trial version of a plugin to the full version, go to menu View - Manage Plugins. Select the plugin you wan to register and click Enter Key. Next fill in the serial number / License Key which you have received by email after your purchase.

Discounts, and free Licenses

Loyal Customer Promo 1 : People who have purchased the Elite components, plugins for Flash MX and MX 2004/Pro, can get a Discount for the Elite plugin for AFC Contact us and include your name, email and Order ID or Reference Number of your past purchase.

• For educational licenses and non-profit organisation, Contact us


ASTRO Flash Creator has a huge number of Bundles available with increasing discounts for greater number of software combination. Check out »»» All ASTRO Flash Creator and Elite plugin for AFC BUNDLES «««. by Patrick Jansen and Goldshell. Below you see some of the more popular ASTRO Flash Creator bundles available.

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