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Basic HELP


Getting started
Explains how to Get Started -> how to install the components with MM Extension Manager and how to show the list of available effect components in the MM Flash authoring environment


Shows an overview of Frequently Asked Questions, both V2 (AS 1.0 / 2.0) and AS3
Common FAQ questions:
When may I remove the "assets" layer?
How can I add effects at runtime?
Warning CS5 "Fonts should be embedded for any text that ..."


You may also like to check out the online forum to see if your questions and doubts have already been asked or posted by other users.


Available custom-modified models (and/or its methods)

  1. Automatic triggering of effects in sequence
  2. Using addChild or addChildAt to place effects
  3. Loading text from XML input

Use contact form page to request one of the specific template/custom modified models above.

  Quick Start 
  Multiple fonts in multiple effects or single text [Override]
  Dynamic text input (eval() or array)
  Older V2 (Actionscript 1.0/2.0) livedemos which have remained similar

Adding special characters (ôÇãéÌ etc) * view font LiveDemos above


How the [ Override ] - Tab works * view font LiveDemos above