Example of the Custom UI (User Interface) AS3 effects

Below is a preview of what is currently available in Component Inspector

  1. Paremeter, Default parameters differening per effect
  2. Variations, List of sub-effects as seen/listed in online demos.
  3. Override, Chang letter color or type for certain letters or letter ranges in an effect instance.
  4. Preview of letters using the blur filter and being morphed with wave effect
  5. Filter options. You will be able to set "Blur", "Drop Shadow", "Bevel" and "Glow" settings to effects
  6. Morphing, Basically using displacement Filter to create scripted filters. You may know them as 'Spherize", "Pinch", "Wave" and "Zigzag"
  7. New "OUT" options. You can choose from 4 different types. Normal letters moving away, moving to a specific point, exploding in square or circle parts or masking away to nothing.
Screenshots of the earlier version, the 4 top tabs (Parameters, Variations, Override and Preview) remain the same way in the latest update