Pixel Block Text 3D documentation
Quick Start

When you receive the product you will receive a .zip file. The zip file will contain the following files

  • blocktextpro_ASX.fla
  • In case of AS3 version:
  • Readme.htm

Do the following steps to start using Pixel Block Text ;

  1. Unzip the .zip file.
  2. - For the AS2 version, open Flash 8 (or higher). Open the .fla
    - For the AS3 version, open Flash CS3 (or higher). Open the .fla
  3. Copy the component and Library clips to your own .fla
  4. In case of AS3 version:
    Copy the classes folder to your own .fla folder location
  5. Drag the component on stage of your .fla and set text parameter
  6. Optionally adjust other component parameters to change visual to your liking.

X is the actionscript version of your choice

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Pixel Block Text Parameters.

Besides the component parameters, you'll also find a few comment lines in

In case of AS2 version:
- Component Movieclip "block text 2" how to change the bevel, glow, and blur amounts.
- Component Movieclip "block text 2" how to change the mirror reflection skew

In case of AS3 version:

- gen.as on how to change the bevel, glow, and blur amounts.
- mirror.as on how to change the mirror reflection skew

The component parameters.

showtext   The text to be displayed. You can create your own or contact me to to create a new character or symbol in a 14x6 grid.
By default the following characters are defined in Array-sequences;

(2 large options available)
small numbers ɐ(0) ɑ(1) ɒ(2) ɓ(3) ɔ(4) ɕ(5) ɖ(6) ɗ(7) ɘ(8) ə(9)



? !! ! $ ¢ - .
(to avoid script errors, use type substitutes)
α - [?]
β - [!!]
γ - [!]
δ - [$]
ε - [¢]
ζ - [-]
η - [.]

blocktint   Possible color tints for the blocks, define them in Array nodes
blocktintalpha   Amount of tint to apply for colors, from 0 (no tint) to 1 (completely colored)
doflat   Use the non-3D letter instead of the 3D letters with depth. You may also want to change parameter lastletterscale to 1
spacing   Space between letters
delay   Frame delay between letter generation
showdur   frame duration of showing letter before animating out (if doout=true)
doout   Do out movement for letters

"dur 1"
is the duration when blocks move towards their postion
"dur 2" is the duration when blocks are in position and finalize revealing to final end state

! Both have minimum and maximum parameters below

! If you match matchdur12 (true), then the letter blocks after being readable will simply use the same durations to animate out to nothing, basically as if you rewind a movie. Notice that order will be dur1 - dur2 - stay - dur2 - dur1 ( Be careful not to confuse the dur1 and dur2 order for the blocks animating out after readable has finished.... dur2 comes before dur1 on the way out. )

mindur1in   minimum duration moving in
maxdur1in   maximum duration moving in
minXmovein   minimum horizontal movement in
maxXmovein   maximum horizontal movement in
minYmovein   minimum vertical movement in
maxYmovein   maximum vertical movement in
matchdur12   match durations out to duration in
// if set to true, "mindur1out" and "maxdur1out" will be ignored
// if set to true, "mindur2out" and "maxdur2out" will be ignored
matchmoves12   match movements out to duration in
// if set to true, "minXmoveout" and "maxXmoveout" will be ignored
// if set to true, "minYmoveout" and "maxYmoveout" will be ignored
mindur1out   minimum duration moving out
maxdur1out   maximum duration moving out
minXmoveout   minimum horizontal movement out
maxXmoveout   maximum horizontal movement out
minYmoveout   minimum vertical movement out
maxYmoveout   maximum vertical movement out
moveacc   blocks acceleration speed type
// 0 = continuous , 1 = decellerated , 2 = accelerated
doublemovedir   allow random movement calculation to positive AND negative
// if you choose min 100 and max 200, set this to true to achieve
// movements of between [-200 to -100] and [100 to 200]
// Or choose to set this to false and set min and max -200 to 200 for complete range
mindur2in   minimum duration revealing into place (in)
maxdur2in   maximum duration revealing into place (in)
mindur2out   minimum duration de-revealing into place (out)
maxdur2out   maximum duration de-revealing into place (out)
doflicker   make letters flicker alpha transparency when (de-)revealing into place
minflicker   minimum alpha transparency for flickering.
minXrad   minimum horizontal radial movement
maxXrad   maximum horizontal radial movement
minYrad   minimum vertical radial movement
maxYrad   maximum vertical radial movement
minradspeed   minimum radial movement speed
maxradspeed   maximum radial movement speed
radacc   Radial movement deceleration/speed type
// 0 = 100%-0% over dur1+dur2
// 1 = 0%-100%-0% over dur1+dur2
// 2 = 100%-0% over dur1
// 3 = 100%-100%-0% over dur1+dur2
doubleraddir   allow rotation clockwise and counterclockwise
dirout   direction out, set to -1 if you want out movement in the oposite direction as in movement.
lastletterscale   last letter scale (relative to 100% (1) first letter
doalpha   Fade in and out letter blocks
doalphadur1   change alpha only while moving (dur 1)
startalpha   start alpha value
doscale   Scale in and out letter blocks
doscaledur1   change scale only while moving (dur 1)
startscale   start scale value
rotaxisdur1   rotate blocks around axis while moving (dur 1)
rotaxisdur2   rotate blocks around axis while (de-/)revealing into place (dur 2)
rotaxisdir   axis directoin, 0 = both, 1 = clockwise, 2 = counterclockwise
matchdur   define when blocks start their individual animations;
// 0 = all blocks start at once
// 1 = blocks arrive together at end of maxdur1 (move duration)
// 2 = blocks arrive together at end of maxdur1+maxdur2 (move and revealing into place)
dobevel   add bevel flter to blocks, gives a more 3D effect
doblurX   add horizontal blur flter to blocks
doblurY   add vertical blur flter to blocks

blur style;
// 0 = match radial movement ,
// 1 = 100%-0% over dur1+dur2
// 2 = 100%-0% over dur1

doglow   add glow
doglowall   add glow to the whole (blocks + flares + shines)
// best choice for playback.
glowcolor   glow color
doflares   Add Flares (yes/no)
flcolor   Possible colors for the flares
doglowflares   Add glow filter to flares as well.
// Only nessesary/possible if you set doglow to true BUT doglowall to false
fldups   total number of flares per letter
fldirX   allow horizontal rotation
fldirY   allow vertical rotation
fldirdouble   allow both horizontal AND vertical rotations at the same time
// false will choose random hor/ver for each flare
// true will also recalculate an appropriate angle along movement
flXspread   horizontal flare spreading
flYspread   vertical flare spreading
flminXmove   flare minimum horizontal movement
flmaxXmove   flare maximum horizontal movement
flminYmove   flare minimum vertical movement
flmaxYmove   flare maximum vertical movement
flrotminspeed   flare minimum rotational speed
flrotmaxspeed   flare maximum rotational speed
flminscale   flare minimum scale
flmaxscale   flare maximum scale
flminsqueeze   flare minimum vertical scale squeezing
flmaxsqueeze   flare maximum vertical scale squeezing
flrotaxisdir   possible rotation direction for flares
// 0 = double
// 1 = cw
// 2 = ccw
flaccalpha   flares alpha change;
// 0 = no alpha down
// 1 = 100%-0% over dur1+dur2 ,
// 2 = 100%-100%-0% over dur1+dur2
// 3 = 0%-100%-0% over dur1+dur2
flaccscale   flare scale change
// 0 = no scale down
// 1 = 100%-0% over dur1+dur2 ,
// 2 = 100%-100%-0% over dur1+dur2
// 3 = 0%-100%-0% over dur1+dur2
dupslight   number of lights generated per letter
lightscolor   possible colors for the lights
lightsXspread   lights horizontal spreading
lightsYspread   lights vertical spreading
addmirror   Add mirror effect to each letter
// Notice that this can exponentially increase CPU processing / Memory use and slow down animation playback

Numbers/digits type 1

Numbers/digits type 2

To change the digit, uncomment theappropriate array lines in blocktext2.as and coment out the current digit array lines.

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