GaDGeTS documentation
Quick Start

When you receive the product you will receive a .zip file. The zip file will contain the following files

  • GaDGeTS - AS2.fla
  • Readme.htm

Do the following steps to start using GaDGeTS;

  1. Unzip the .zip file.
  2. Open Flash MX (or higher).
  3. Open GaDGeTS - AS2.fla.
  4. Drag any of the GaDGeTS components from the GaDGeTS - AS2.fla Library to the Library of the new .fla you want to use it in.
  5. Drag the GaDGeTS component you choose from the new .fla Library on stage/canvas of the new .fla.
  6. Select the GaDGeTS component on stage and open [Component Inspector].
  7. Select any of the subchoices in Tab [VARIATIONS], or;
  8. Set any parameters to your liking.

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Component Parameters.

All of the component parameters in the Custom UI are self-explanatory. But if you have any doubts about what a parameter does, simply change it and check the [PREVIEW] Tab to see the difference in visual result.


Some tips to keep in mind when working with GaDGeTS;

  • Don't REMOVE contents from the movieclips.
    All items of the GaDGeTS components are targeted with Action Script and removing them will lead to scripting errors. If you want to 'hide' something, either use component parameters where possible or set alpha transparency for those items to "0".
  • Every instance of the GaDGeTS component can be configured individually
    Rememember that you can create different visuals at the same time for different GaDGeTS component instances.

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